Sunday, September 18, 2011

to LIE or not to LIE ?

Sorry i have been gone for a few days...and boy has it been a few eventful days...This weekend a mom had called me and asked about what her son did over a week ago, i talked to the dad when this happened and he was ok with what i said and told me he would get to the bottom of it , well when she called she asked what happened and i told her that her son lied to me and stole from my oldest son and i thought he should apologize for those things and then he could come back to my home and play ...well...she called me idiotic and stupid and said how dare you ask a 6 year old to say sorry for something like that and i told her HEY i didnt even talk to you kid i talked to your husband and we had it settled and well she went off on me again and told me how her child will never come back to my home EVER and well that just tells me that she lets her kids lie and get away with it and well i just dont do that and if my child lied to someone you better bet that i would bring his butt back to your house and MSKE him say sorry and replace what he took...and this child knew what he was doing because he was sneaking around throwing the wrappers away. When i found all this out my younger son that knew about all this got in trouble as well i did not let him get away with lying to me !! I didnt think that having say sorry was that much to ask but i guess it was, they didnt even say hey the least we could do is replace what is now gone but know they didnt.....all that is is stealing !!! I know she may not think about it now but later on she will realize that her son stole from my son and then lied about it...you know what that will turn into dont you ?? I need not say more !


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